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About Gum Disease

Gum Disease in Leamington Spa

At Clarendon House Dental Centre, we are keenly focused on preventive dental care and we offer our patients a bespoke plan of hygiene therapy and homecare.

Fresh breath

Bad breath is something that many of us worry about, often unnecessarily. Don’t be embarrassed about asking your dentist or hygienist for fresh breath advice. Often the solution is simple but it can dramatically improve your confidence.

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by the odorous gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums. However, strong foods like garlic and onions can add to the problem. Smoking is also one of the main causes, along with certain illnesses such as nasal and stomach conditions.

Correct and regular brushing and interdental cleaning is very important to remove trapped food particles which can lead to bad breath.

Regular screening for gum disease

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Signs and symptoms include bleeding gums, soreness and swelling and, eventually, teeth become loose. At every examination, our dentists will screen for this problem; it only takes two minutes.

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  • What is gum disease?

    Gum disease is caused by plaque, which is an almost invisible film of bacteria that forms on the surface of the teeth and gums every day. Many of the bacteria in plaque are completely harmless, but when they aren’t removed effectively, their numbers increase and they can cause gum disease. Gum disease, if left unchecked in susceptible patients, causes loosening of the teeth and unsightly gum recession.

  • How can I prevent gum disease?

    It is important to remove all the plaque from every surface of each tooth daily by brushing and interdental cleaning. The long-term survival of your natural smile and the opportunity for any cosmetic renovation is dependant on the support of healthy gums. Most people do still build up some hard deposits (calculus or tartar) on the teeth in between hygienist appointments. Since these cannot be removed with a toothbrush, the hygienist will carefully remove these stubborn deposits, leaving the teeth smooth and clean. This process takes longer for some patients than for others.