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Dental Care in Leamington Spa

Being able to smile with confidence and eat comfortably are hugely important aspects of dental wellbeing that affect us on a daily basis. When our teeth are strong and healthy we hardly give them a thought. But anyone who has experienced toothache will agree that it’s difficult to think about anything else when it strikes.

Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist at Clarendon House Dental Centre in Leamington Spa are essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. By focusing on prevention and minimal intervention, we can help you avoid dental problems in the future and keep your teeth looking their absolute best.

A personal dental care plan

Once any necessary treatments such as fillings have been done and after any acute gum disease has been treated, we will agree with you a personal plan of how often we would like to see you in order to keep your mouth healthy.

For most people this means seeing the dentist for a dental health examination once or twice a year and the hygienist between one and four times a year.

We find that it’s most convenient for patients to have their examination carried out by their dentist during one of their hygiene visits as it’s useful for the hygienist and dentist to be present at the same time to discuss any issues and it saves you additional visits.

New patients are always welcome

Our new patient examination is a 45-minute fact finding appointment. We allow ample time to get to know each other and find out what you really want from your dental care.

Together we will plan how best to achieve this to fit in with any budget, time constraints or work commitments you may have.

It is often necessary to take x-rays at this appointment (included in the fee) and we will provide you with a detailed printed estimate. We provide a medical history form in every new patient information pack, which requests details of any medication you may be taking, as certain medication can affect your dental health.

If you are interested in joining our affordable dental membership plan, please talk to us at your first appointment and start saving money straightaway.

Contact us at Clarendon House Dental Care in Leamington Spa if you have any questions. To book a consultation at our dental practice give us a call on: 01926 339993 or fill out our simple contact form.