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Hygiene Therapy

Treating Gum Disease

Treating Gum Disease in Leamington Spa

Many people remain unaware they have gum disease or that early signs include sensitivity, gum bleeding, bad breath or bad tastes. Gum disease can be prevented and controlled with a combination of expert assistance and the right oral hygiene routines at home.

At your first appointment with your dentist at Clarendon House Dental Centre we will assess the health of your gums and, if any gum disease is present, we’ll recommend some hygiene therapy for you. Since gum disease is the world’s most prevalent disease, nearly everyone will benefit from seeing the hygienist.

At the start of any hygiene therapy, the hygienist will carry out a simple screening test to detect the extent of any gum disease. This gives us a baseline score by which we can measure improvements and it enables us to focus on any areas that may continue to be problematic.

Ensuring you have a good homecare routine

Gum therapy is a series of appointments during which our hygienists combine removing hard bacterial deposits on the surfaces of the teeth AND educating the patient in the most effective ways of preventing new deposits from forming. Most healthy people only visit the hygienist between 1 and 4 times a year, whereas they clean their teeth around 730 times per year, so you can see how the success of all hygiene treatment is heavily dependent on having a good home-care routine.

Nowadays there is a confusing array of products and gadgets available for teeth and your hygienist will help you work out the most appropriate care routine for you. Very often solutions are simple and inexpensive, but take a little effort!

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