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Dental Hygiene in Leamington Spa

Our hygiene team can help to prevent problems from occurring in the first place by providing meticulous hygiene treatments on a regular basis and encouraging you to maintain life-long dental wellbeing by looking after your gums effectively.

The benefits of a healthy mouth are clear… less chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay, fewer dental emergencies and unplanned expenditure, and the confidence that comes with fresh breath and a beautiful, natural smile.

Enjoy lifelong healthy and trouble-free gums

Do your gums look red and swollen or bleed when you brush? Do you sometimes get a bad taste in your mouth or worry that your breath isn’t as fresh as it could be? Or do you suffer from sensitive teeth, food catching between teeth, or receding gums? All these can be signs of gum disease but, often there are no signs at all.

At Clarendon House Dental Centre, we take oral health and hygiene very seriously. Our highly preventative approach to gum therapy ensures the vast majority of our patients enjoy lifelong healthy and trouble-free gums.

Changes to the rules mean that you are now able to visit a hygienist as often as you like – without having to see a dentist first, This is ideal for people who would like to have their teeth professionally cleaned for a big event, such as a birthday, wedding, party or all-important interview.

Drop-in or Party Polishes

At Clarendon House Dental Centre, our experienced hygienists provide two levels of ‘quick’ polishing services: a 15-minute stain removal and polishing session that focuses mainly on the front teeth that are visible when you smile, or a 30-minute clean to remove plaque build-ups on all of your teeth as well as stain removal and polishing. Further hygiene appointments may be advised to treat gum disease, as necessary.

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