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Dentures in Leamington Spa

If you wear dentures, then you will know how important it is that they look natural, feel comfortable and function well so you can smile and eat with confidence.

We provide high quality dentures that suit your face and age. If you would like your dentures to look as realistic as possible, then at Clarendon House, in Leamington Spa, we can also incorporate small irregularities to mimic natural teeth.

Don’t forget to look after your mouth

We would like to remind our denture wearers that it still very important to book an annual examination and oral cancer screening – even if you have no natural teeth left.

Mouth cancer is twice as common in men than in women and 86% of cases are diagnosed in those aged over 50. Heavy smokers and drinkers are particularly at risk.

Early detection for mouth cancer results in a survival outcome of 90%, however the survival rate decreases if diagnosis and treatment is delayed.

Remember to clean and rinse your dentures twice a day and take them out at night. This allows the gums under the denture to stay as healthy as possible.

For more information about dentures at Clarendon House Dental Care in Leamington Spa or to book a consultation, give us a call on: 01926 339993 or fill out our simple contact form.