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Improve Your Smile

Bonding and Recontouring

Minor irregularities and uneven tooth edges can make your smile look less than perfect, as can small chips or gaps between your teeth. Simple and affordable cosmetic dental treatments, such as composite bonding and tooth recontouring, can drastically change the appearance of your smile.

Fast, simple & affordable ways to improve your smile

Composite bonding is a very conservative process that restores minor cracks, chips or small gaps using a tooth-coloured material to produce a long-lasting result.

Cosmetic contouring is a quick and simple way of enhancing the look of your teeth by delicately reshaping your teeth to achieve a more pleasing shape.

Very often smile makeovers with bonding and recontouring can be completed in just one visit – and these solutions are often more affordable than crowns or veneers. Cosmetic bonding and recontouring are minimally invasive alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures and are bespoke for each patient.